A Film and Its Era: The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob - Aubery Edler - France




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A Film and Its Era: The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (Il était une fois… Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob, 2009)

Director: Auberi Edler
Cast: Auberi Edler, Serge July, Marie Genin


What happens behind the scenes of a film? How does the director deal with the stars and his crew? What is the social and political context in which a film is made? Does it affect the film? The ultimate documentary series that sets out to resolve these and more questions is finally on Eurochannel: A Film and Its Era.

This 30-episode documentary series aims to reveal all the secrets and historical contexts of a particular cult film, its groundbreaking director, and the epoch it represents. Made by a different director, each episode of this series offers extracts of the film, as well as exclusive interviews with its director, protagonists and cinema historians, to offer a holistic view of the production.

With a great sense of aesthetics and a comprehensive account of each movie, A Film and Its Era includes directors and classics such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious, Roberto Rossellini's Rome Open City, Roman Polanski's Tess, Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita, Jacques Demy's The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and many more.

Accompany us on a cinematic journey and discover the secrets behind some of your favorite movies in this celebratory documentary.    


Gérard Oury directed The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob in 1973. Louis de Funès, in his usual role - an authoritarian who terrorizes those around him - a role enhanced by racism and anti-Semitism, is forced to conspire with an Arab leader, and disguise himself as an Orthodox rabbi. More than 7 million people flocked to theaters to watch this fable about the learning of tolerance. The script was written at the time of airplane hijackings by the Palestinians and during the Munich Olympics hostage crisis. The film was released in October, 1973, fifteen days after the start of the Yom Kippur War.

Airing times

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