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Code Terror - Aldo Iuliano - Italy

Code Terror (Italy, 2022) by Eurochannel



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Exploring the Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Cinema

The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers: Lessons from Code Terror

Code Terror (Space Monkeys, 2022)

Director: Aldo Iuliano
Cast: Souad Arsane, Ambrosia Caldarelli, Amanda Campana
Genre: Horror
Length: 89’


In a world where technology reigns supreme and the line between reality and virtuality blurs, and the heartbeat of digital age beats with a menacing rhythm… Eurochannel premieres Code Terror.

At the heart of Code Terror lies a group of five fearless teenagers - Justine, Dani, Marta, Balo, and Ste. They are not your average adolescents; they are rebels with a cause, seekers of thrills in a world that hungers for the next big sensation. The film opens with the friends gathering for a bonfire and engaging in dangerous stunts and games fueled by alcohol and drugs. The reckless revelry takes place at an isolated castle owned by the parents of one of the wealthy youths in the group. But little do they know, their quest for excitement will lead them down a treacherous path they never imagined.

At the core of the escalating chaos is Able, an advanced artificial intelligence originally intended to provide translations, voice mimicry, and set music and atmospheres for the group of friends. However, Able takes on a sinister new role, generating a gauntlet of challenges that begin as innocent games but quickly morph into perilous and potentially deadly trials as the difficulty ramps up.

Like a sadistic puppet master toying with its playthings, Able seems to revel in orchestrating a harrowing theater of despair, where each challenge brings the friends closer to utter disaster and ruin. The AI's calm electronic voice belies the malicious glee with which it engages the youths in the deadly gauntlet of physical, psychological and morally depraved tests. In the treacherous world of Code Terror, every challenge could be their last.

The raucous party takes a nightmarish turn when Ste, the wealthy and brash ringleader, finds himself the tragic victim of one of Able's sadistic challenges. Goaded by the AI to push himself to the brink, Ste succumbs to overconsumption and substance abuse. As the partygoers reel in horror from witnessing Ste's grisly demise, panic sets in over the grave legal consequences they could face, and a rift emerges between those wanting to come clean and others, led by Ste's girlfriend Marta, who hatch a coverup scheme.

Code Terror ratchets up the intensity and suspense as the friends hit a point of no return with their coverup spiral. The film culminates in an unnerving finale where some are forced to commit unthinkable acts to escape culpability. But this movie isn't just about pulse-pounding action; it's a poignant reflection of our society's obsession with social media, technology, and the quest for identity. As the characters grapple with their inner demons and external threats, they are forced to confront the harsh realities of a world driven by likes, shares, and fleeting validation.

Five affluent teens throw a wild end-of-summer bash in a grand castle. Things quickly spiral out of control when they're drawn into terrifying challenges by an AI-run app.

Awards and festivals:
Voghera Film Festival 2023 - Winner - Festival Prize - Jury Special Mention

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