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Cosy Dens (Pelísky, 1999)
Czech Republic

Director: Jan Hrebejk
Cast: Michael Beran, Miroslav Donutil, Simona Stasová
Genre: Comedy, drama


What’s the result of blending a coming-of-age story with a bitter ideological rivalry? Eurochannel premieres Cosy Dens, a riveting Czech movie that will surprise you with the answer! Set in the Christmas season leading up to the ill-fated Prague Spring of 1968, this is the story of an idyllic romance between two teenagers from neighboring families with radically opposing political views.

Directed by one of the most prolific Czech filmmakers of recent times, Jan Hrebejk, Cosy Dens is considered a masterpiece of European cinema. In the movie, teenage Michal Sebek has a major crush on his cool and pretty neighbor, Jindriska Kraus, but they are divided by the political views of their parents. His clan is ostensibly run by a die-hard Communist army officer while her dad is an autocratic opponent of the Communists, protected only by his war hero status.

With plenty of comedy, Cosy Dens portrays the awakening of a young generation that grew bored with politics in Czechoslovakia. They are instead drawn to the wonders of the Western world – rock and roll, the latest sneakers and beautiful film stars.

The stirring blend of overwhelming performances and a witty story brought this production wide acclaim from the local press, critics and awards. Cosy Dens received the Critic's Prize at the 1999 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and was also a surprise hit in Vancouver, where it neared the top of the popular vote.

Eurochannel invites you to travel back in time to an era of social revolution, and to enjoy the feud between two ideologies that find in teenagers the comical approach everybody needs to forget about differences!


Two families, the Sebkovi’s and the Krausovi’s, are celebrating Christmas, but not everyone is in a good mood. Teenage kids think their fathers are totally stupid and their fathers are sure their children are nothing more than rebels, hating anything they say.

Awards and Festivals:

• Kristian 1999 - Prize of the Czech film Critique for the best feature film
• Golden Grape (Main Prize) - LubuskieLatoFilmowe, Lagow 2000
• Special Mention a FIPRESCI Prize - International Film Festival Karlovy Vary 1999
• Golden Afrodite (Main Prize) a Special Mention of Film Critique - Int. Film Festival Varna 2003

Airing times

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