Interview with Riccardo Moretti


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Interview with Riccardo Moretti (Actor)

How did you get into the role of Puccini?
Actually, at first, Paolo Benvenuti had asked me to collaborate in this film as I’m an expert of Giacomo Puccini’s music and life. Funnily enough, during several meetings he realized that I had all the features he wanted from his ideal protagonist.

Was there any special preparation for this role?
The work was long and hard, and focused mainly on removing certain stereotypes that musicians have when they find themselves as performers: very often they use excessive facial expressions when they play.

Instead, Paolo Benvenuti imposed on me a rigorous and inflexible method to make sure that every expressive aspect was born only from the interior of the actor, myself in this case.

Did you know the story behind the death of Doria beforehand or was it a surprise for you when you got the script?
I was already aware of how Doria had died, but the general opinion was formed through pseudo-historical information. The discovery of the truth for me was just a confirmation.

How was the experience of acting in a silent film in an era of great visual and sound effects?
It was different. Obviously, it was the aesthetic that the director Paolo Benvenuti wanted to give to his film. He wanted the purest intensity and drama for the story.
Are you working on any film projects at the moment? Can you tell us something about them?
I returned fully to my main work as a film-score composer. In the meantime, I have made a lot of other cinematographic experiences; as film composer I attended the Venice Film Festival for Comedy by Amos Poe and Poltrone Rosse by Francesco Barilli. As an actor I put through the experience of Puccini and the Girl in the theatre with a tour called “The Puccini Experience,” which summarizes the work in Benvenuti’s film; it earned me the "BRAVO AWARD" at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Return to Puccini and the Girl

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