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Tonino Guerra, A Poet in the Movies - Italy



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Tonino Guerra: The Poet of Italian Cinema

Tonino Guerra, A Poet in the Movies (Tonino Guerra, Il poeta del cinema, 2008)

Director: Nicola Tranquillino
Genre: Documentary


Eurochannel makes a dream come true for European cinema lovers by presenting an exclusive documentary with one of the most prominent directors of Italian cinema in Tonino Guerra, A Poet in the Movies.

Directed by Nicola Tranquillino, Tonino Guerra, A Poet in the Movies is a documentary that provides an all-access conversation with the Italian legend, Tonino Guerra. In this production, the celebrated filmmaker recounts the key moments of his life, from his childhood in Santarcangelo di Romagna to his retirement in the small mountain village of Pennabilli.

Having experienced a poet's riveting adventure in the world of movies, he tells with tantalizing detail his encounters and collaborations with some of the greatest cinema names of our era: Fellini, Antonioni, Rosi, De Sica, Monicelli, Tarkovsky, and Angelopoulos, just to mention a few.

This deconstruction of a cinema legend in his own words reveals the secrets behind Guerra’s filmmaking. He talks about the method he used to construct a script by giving more importance to the images rather than the plot, aiming for cinema that is closer to poetry than to prose.

Come and enjoy a fascinating tête-à-tête with a legend that shaped the way we see movies today and whose words are genuinely honest as they are captivating!     


An intimate portrait of the legendary Italian screenwriter, poet, painter, ceramist, and artist, Tonino Guerra.

Airing times

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