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A Sicilian Dream (Perduto Amore, 2003)

Cast: Corrado Fortuna, Donatella Finocchiaro, Anna Maria Gherardi, Lucia Sardo
Director: Franco Battiato
Genre: Drama, comedy


A young man longs to become the most successful artist in Italy. In this riveting journey, he will encounter many hurdles, but also many people wishing to help him, just for the sake of happiness. Eurochannel premieres A Sicilian Dream, an uplifting comedy about success and joy!

A Sicilian Dream is a chronicle of success. Divided into three stages, the movie follows the growth of Ettore Corvaja as he becomes one of Italy’s biggest stars. The first phase takes him from his childhood in Sicily throughout 1955, as Ettore grows up experiencing the joy of living with and being educated by an aristocrat family.

In the second phase, we are in a full economic boom, with Ettore in his twenties having completed his studies and made the choices that will direct his life. Finally, in the third phase, Ettore lives in Milan, where he timidly faces the world of music with the ambition to write.

Moving between drama and history, A Sicilian Dream is a chronicle of the everyday lives of many dreamers in Europe. Setting a light yet witty tone, director Franco Battiato portrays his hero and protagonist in a personal revolution against conformism. That choice was not random, as A Sicilian Dream was conceived as an autobiographical drama film for which Battiato won the Nastro d'Argento (said to be the oldest movie award in Europe) for Best New Director.

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime as we see Ettore grow up, not only physically but also emotionally, to become the hero he always wanted to be!


A poignant drama following the development of a young Sicilian boy, Ettore Corvaja (Corrado Fortuna), from the 1950s to 1960s. Yearning to become one of Italy’s most prominent figures, Ettore turns his dream into reality.

Awards and Festivals:

• Nastro d'Argento Award (Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists) 2004
- Best New Director - Winner
- Best Screenplay – Nominated
- Best Supporting Actress – Nominated
- Best Production Design – Nominated
- Best Costume Design - Nominated

Italian Golden Globes 2004
- Best First Feature – Nominated

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