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Adrift (Perdidos, 2017)

Cast: Dânia Neto, Afonso Pimentel, Dalila Carmo
Director: Sérgio Graciano
Genre: Thriller, suspense
Length: 91’

What seemed like the perfect weekend turns into the worst nightmare for a group of friends who sail to celebrate a birthday. No matter what they do, it seems that there is no way to get back alive ashore… There are many ways to die at sea but only one to survive! Eurochannel premieres Adrift, a suspense thriller that will make you feel the anguish of being lost in the ocean.

Adrift is a story of raw fear. There are very few experiences more agonizing than being lost in the ocean with no sight of land, and that is the core of this harrowing production. When six friends get together to sail in a luxurious boat during the weekend to celebrate the birthday of one of them, things are all joy and laughs. However, what begins as a happy gathering soon turns into a fight for survival!

As alcohol and music begin to influence their minds and bodies, the friends decide to plunge into the ocean. Only Ana, who is there with her husband and son, doesn’t want to swim. She is the voice of reason on board until Daniel forces her to jump and both end up in the water… This is the turning point in their lives as nobody lowers the boat’s ladder - there is no way to get back onboard and their nightmare begins!

Eurochannel invites you onboard a luxurious boat in one of the most beautiful coasts of Portugal to join a group of friends for the weekend that will change their lives forever. Will they get out alive?


A peaceful boat ride turns into a fight for survival when a group of friends plunge into the ocean but can't get back on board.

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