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A Private Affair (Hope, 2016)
The Netherlands

Cast: Monic Hendrickx, Gene Bervoets, Marcel Musters
Director: Erik de Bruyn
Genre : Drama
Length: 91’


There are few enemies in the world as deadly as a financial mogul! When Hanna, an economist and journalist decides to change the banking system from within, she realizes that it’s not only an impossible task, but one that might end with her life as she knew it. Eurochannel premieres A Private Affair, a thriller about the dark side of finance in New York and Europe!

A Private Affair follows the story of Hanna Binnekamp, a charming economist in her late thirties. When she watches a harrowing report on the economic crisis with her father, and he claims it is a rotten world that will never change, Hannah decides to go to New York and prove her father wrong.

In New York, Hannah's harsh criticisms soon met with resistance in the financial world. When she decides to look for new ways to exert influence, she bumps into a charming top banker and begins a steamy affair. With this new entrance, Hannah sees her goal closer, but her fight is more demanding than she ever thought possible - as she overplays her hand, Ben becomes the opponent she really has to fight.

Delivering an entertaining -- and sometimes distressing -- account of the reality behind Wall Street and the financial world, A Private Affair also touches sensitive subjects like power abuse, forbidden affairs, and misogynism. It depicts a woman capable of destroying a marriage to get her way, but also the lengths some people are capable of reaching to protect their interests.

Eurochannel invites you to the darkest side of the banking system, a corrupted world where your value is measured in how much money you have and can invest, and not your morals and integrity. Come join Hanna in her quest to change the world in the best way she knows!


An investigative journalist enters a steamy affair with Ben, a prominent New York banker to get the secrets of the shady finance world. When he becomes aware of her intentions, Ben turns into her worst enemy.

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