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The Shadow Killer (France, 2010) by Eurochannel

Shadow Killer

Shadow Killer

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The Shadow Killer (Quand vient la peur..., 2010)

Director: Élisabeth Rappeneau
Cast: Sophie Quinton, Grégory Fitoussi, Pascal Elso
Genre: Crime, action, thriller
Episodes: 2
Length: 85’


Paranoia and fear overtake a city when a serial killer begins his murdering spree. The murderer seems to have a fixation with a very specific type of woman, yet the authorities are puzzled by his sneakiness. Eurochannel premieres The Shadow Killer, a two-part crime thriller that reminds us all to always look behind!

In The Shadow Killer, the heavenly tranquility of a rural French town is about to change. When one woman is found brutally murdered, the local peace is shaken to the bone and authorities ignore the crime. But as soon as brunette women start falling victims to heinous murders, everything points to a serial killer in action.

Divided into two parts, The Shadow Killer combines elements of the successful British procedural drama with a dose of Scandinavian success, set in the eye-catching landscapes of France. As the plot develops, the police don’t believe the crimes are the acts of a serial killer, and the investigation stalls. With no suspect apprehended, women start to panic and dye their hair blond while paranoia and madness overtake the town.

As in all small towns, the police investigation starts revealing the dirtiest secrets everyone has managed to hide. Adultery, family feuds, childhood traumas, homosexual love affairs... all you can think of! All while the serial killer investigation purges the city of its dramas, weaknesses, and long-buried mysteries.

Eurochannel invites you to plunge into a town where peace is just a façade that will crumble into pieces as a serial killer lurks and murders mercilessly!

Part 1

In the early 1970s, a series of bloody crimes targeted brunette women. As the police investigation rejects the possibility of a serial killer murders multiply.

Part 2

The investigator finds herself puzzled by the evidence. As the case progresses, she discovers astonishing information leading to the existence of a serial killer.

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